Chicken three ways: #1

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Megan is the inspiration for all the recipes this week.  From “Green Eggs and Ham Muffins” to a rich stock at the end of the week.
Today’s treat is Chicken Chilli Pie:
I’ll give you the long version but throughout I’ll offer you a bunch of shortcuts.  You can actually have this dish on the table in 40 minutes from start to finish.
I baked a chicken and for the next few days you can see how my little chicken ($10.00) feeds a family of four for three dinners.  You could also start this recipe off with a rotisserie chicken.
In a large pot sautee together: 1 onion, 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp. chilli powder.
Add 2 cups of beans (I’ve got blackeyed peas and chickpeas here but you could actually use a large can of mixed beans or any combination you wanted, just rinse off some of the salt).

Add; to the beans etc.  2 cups of crushed tomatoes and 2 T. tomato paste.

Add 2 cups of chopped chicken.

Place the whole mixture in a buttered baking dish.

Make a batch of cornbread. I’m cheating and I have a cornbread mix (I like the Red Mill one as it isn’t sweet).

Top your chilli and bake for 20 minutes (350) or until a knife comes out cleanly.


Tomorrow is a great and pretty fancy looking lunch C:
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  1. Megan says

    Jane, it looks great! Can't believe you took my super simple idea and out did yourself with all these delicious recipes!

  2. Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon says

    That does look like a fancy lunch! Will definitely have to try this one! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,


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