This week Mama has me think of neighbours.
I’m lucky for countless reasons.
Just one of them is the neighbourhood that I live in.
All the houses were built just after WWII and started of tiny with big yards. 
Our street deadends at both ends and it is a big deal if an unknown car drives down the street.
We know everyone and have keys to almost everyone’s houses and they to ours.
Food, books, magazines, toys, plants, clothes, babysitting…are traded back and forth like water.
I am so lucky.
Small one thinks she actually lives/owns three houses.
Her babysitter (such a demeaning term for the woman that cuddles and loves my child so well each day while I’m at work) is two doors away and ‘Day’ (Cindy) is right next door.
Not a day passes when her life isn’t enriched (and my parenting improved greatly) by this support system.
When faced with needing more room we decided to add onto our house instead of moving.
Six other people on the street have done exactly that.
People knock on the door asking if we would be willing to sell our house on a regular basis hoping to be able to live on this quiet green street that welcomes you home like an embrace.
This is our forever place and the treat that I shared today with everyone was:
Nutella Cookies (recipe to come soon)
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  1. Tiffany says

    Oh how I wish this kind of community for my OWN kids! Almost like a safe little bubble without any worries. Sigh, what a dreamy scene with such rich history behind it. :)

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