Spring into Spring #4: Front Entrance with Hating Martha’s Janel

Yay!  We’re onto Party #4 of this weeklong of Spring Fun!
Today the awesome Janel from ‘Hating Martha’ is the hostess with the mostest but I thought it was a good excuse to get my butt in gear too.
You see, this is what I’m working with:
Yep, no lawn and lots of dirt.  This is the first load we shovelled.  The second one is covered in snow right now.

Do you see what I’m working with?  This is actually one of the few spots of the house that I ended-up being disappointed with after the renovation.  You see, we hadn’t finalized the plans for the front porch quite yet and I went out one day and THIS was built when I got back.  Ick.  At that point it was done and I honestly just wanted the whole thing finished so it is what it is.

My big iron urn survived the months of workmen and was ready to be ‘springed’.

Ugh.  Can you see why I wasn’t fussy on the porch?

But I needed to take away from this.

So, with this party looming I used Benjamin Moore’s deck stain (in Cordova brown) to give the whole thing an aged look.  I did the two decks at the back too but they’ll wait for another day.

I found three galvanized planters from Winners for a STEAL ($10.00 a piece) this winter as apparently I’m getting in on this French Country trend as it is on the way out.

Big bright pansies set a sunshiney tone and they are even good for a light frost.

Isn’t this a better colour than ‘pressure treated green’?  As soon as I can do some real planting (we usually do this in my area around May 24th) I’ll be adding a box hedge all the way around the raised porch to hide the pilings and add a bit of drama to the whole thing.
My urn now holds a birdcage with a ‘caged’ pansy in it to greet people coming up the path.

I do love my paned door though.

Here’s a chair that I rescued from the neighbour’s garbage and painted a country sage colour from tester pots I already had.  Another little planter filled with pansies brighten this dull corner and keep my milk bottles company until the milk man picks them up.

I found a pretty basket with a flat back and attached a long ribbon to it to act as a wreath.  A nameplate from an old project now says welcome in chaulk.  I’ll be planting this with flowers (when warmer). 

Alrighty, I think I’ll actually not make a tragic accident happen to this space anymore C:

And your front entrances?

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  1. heather @ new house, new home, new life says

    Hi Jane – you made me laugh when you said you came home to this porch – the same thing happened to my sister. She lamented for years about it. Once you get the boxwood in, it will be a lot better. You really don't need to wait until May 24 to plant them though (unless you're in the Arctic or Winnipeg) as they are a woody plant that will survive a bit of frost. I've already planted up a bunch of roses and perennials here in SW Ontario.

  2. micki @ ADD housewife says

    and here i am getting ready to pull my boxwoods OUT LOL The previous owner planted hydrangeas THEN boxwoods. So the boxwoods are blocking the flowers. Crazy stuff.

  3. The Bold Abode says

    I LOVE your paneled door! It's sooooo cool!!! I can't believe they built the porch without a final design approval! I would have freaked a freak!!! But you have made it look amazing… I tried so hard to get my porch done, but alas, the weather was a dirty word and didn't let me. Maybe I will link up late!

  4. Katie says

    I can't believe they built the porch while you were gone – but you've sure made it look great! I love the stain you chose! That makes a huge difference! That little chair is so cute! All the flowers really brighten up the area!

  5. Jane Craske says

    Yep, I was not a happy girl but really, I just wanted them out of my house at that point C:

    Glad you all liked it. Did you see Janel's awesomenes?!

  6. Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} says

    It's so darling! I never put any thought into my entry…maybe I should??? Nah, that would just be another thing to think about! (c:

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