This week according to instagram and photo challenges C:

Happy Sunday and the start of a new week.
Here’s what things looked like for me C:
Small one learned how to use the camera on my iphone.  That can’t be good.

Bacon became its own food group.

I made pavlova on facebook and…

lunch for my work peeps.

Played; that’s my name-don’t wear it out with Fatmumslim.

Avoided thinking of winter’s reappearance with shots of bright colours.

Worked on a snarky expression…for the love of Pete! Can I not take a decent photo of myself?

And it all came back to shoes.  Sort of like my life usually does.
How was your week?
To be honest, mine was only ok. 
I had a couple of people that I really quite like let me down. 
I got passed over for an opportunity that I just shouldn’t have and…it was grey.
But maybe I need to rethink and wonder if I was just being too sensitive. 
How about a good smack in the head to realize how lucky I am?!
So, it’s a new week and it is a short one so how could that be bad (Fate, that is not a challenge by the way)?
It’s a new month which means Fatmumslim has a whole host of new photo ideas for us…

And I’ve been having so much fun I’m going to attempt:

They have an awesome, awesome website.
Pop by tomorrow and find out about the next FABULOUS giveaway. 
Yes, I totally want it for myself but it’s for you instead!
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  1. Natasha in Oz says

    I've been playing along with Fat Mum Slim too. I'm trying to work on a reflection picture right now actually … without mirrors!

    Isn't instagram fun!!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. Jane Craske says

    I love these too! I'm not sure how I'll do my reflection but it really makes me think about my surroundings C:

  3. The Bold Abode says

    Boo on people that let you down. They suck.

    Boo on getting passed over. But maybe that opportunity sucked and another, better, MORE AWESOME one is on it's way.

    Shoes rock and so do you.

  4. Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} says

    I know what you mean about the picture thing…everyone always makes it look so *easy*! But dang it, it's NOT! And it's also not easy when crap happens, and it sounds like that was, indeed, CRAP. If it's any consolation (which I suspect it won't be) I think you're pretty much the (c:

  5. The UDG says

    Little one is too cute. I can remember when my oldest niece learned to smile for the camera. She couldn't smile without saying "Cheese!" too.

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