Mama Kat’s Makes me think Mother’s Day

5.) The perfect Mother’s Day consists of…
Well Mama Kat’s make me think about Mother’s Day a bit early but with lots of time for my husband to read this and hopefully get his plans in place C:
This is what a saddo I am.
I have a confession to make, I love being at home and it doesn’t take much to make me happy.
I used to think that this was the most boring¬†state in the world (I also had someone telling me that yes, this was very boring ergo I was very boring) but now I think it just means that I’m content in my life.
That’s a pretty good thing.
This is small one in an outfit of her own choosing learning how to use the wii
My perfect Mother’s Day would therefore start at home with a really good espresso delivered (in bed) to me so that I could read my latest book for at least 30 minutes uninterrupted.
My perfect day would be sunny and all of my laundry would not only be done but put away.
I would have the week’s clothes picked out and a meal made for our crazy Monday nights.
The three of us would go to the Farmer’s Market where I would indulge in MANY macaroons and a pizza from the wood burning pizza oven guy.
The husband would then surprise me by buying a large bunch of flowers and we’d walk around for awhile so that small one could talk to everyone she meets and run a bit of energy off.
When we got home a gorgeous baked chicken would be waiting, as would a very chilled glass of Veuve Cliquot.
We’d toast each other, eat dinner and small one would go to bed early so that we could have a real conversation.
I know.¬† Boring but that’s how I roll C:
What’s your perfect Mother’s Day?
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  1. Melanie Dickens says:

    You don't ask for much but it does sound like a great day. Enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Jane Craske says:

    Glad you liked my perfect day, these are so much fun to write.

  3. Leah aka FFPMaMMa says:

    hint hint hubby!
    My favorite part of this day is the trip to the farmer's market..oh and the wine…the flowers…dang it, it all sounds good. Hope it happens for you!

  4. Jane Craske says:

    I'm totally hoping for both of us now C:

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