Jars of Sunshine

Winter is truly a wonderful time for citrus in our parts.

I know, it’s food miles are long but there is just something about a bowl of fresh cut fruit on the breakfast table that has the ability to brighten any snowy February day.

On the weekend I usually cut up a bunch of oranges and leave them on the kitchen table.  Everyone passing through grabs one to enjoy.  I sneak in our fruit quota for the day and healthy snacks rule the day.

However, it’s also nice to can some of those goodies to enjoy while we’re running out the door.  I made a really yummy marmalade the other day that I’m thrilled to share.  I like this one as it is all about the fruit and doesn’t have the bitterness that other marmalades seem to embody. 

I started by scrubbing; 3 oranges, 5 lemons and 3 grapefruit.  I peeled them with a sharp knife and chopped everything finely. 

February2 082  Well, not super finely but I took out anything that might be bitter. February2 084  Add; 1 tsp almond extract, 3 1/2 cups water and 6 cups of sugar and bring to a strong boil. February2 085  The whole thing will look cloudy and not very promising for about 30 minutes.  Don’t fret. February2 086

 After an hour of burbling along you’ll have gorgeous, clear marmalade that is begging to be tasted.

You can just place these in jars and give them away to be eaten within two weeks or if you want to capture all that sunshine a jars.  Sterilize 6, half pint jars, add in the hot marmalade and… marmalade boil in a pot full of water for 13 minutes.  You’ll start to hear the pop of the sealing tops doing their job. February2 091

Come by on Wednesday and you can see how to make this yumminess into a fabulous pie.


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  1. says

    I love how you call this jars of sunshine! I wonder if you can just can citrus fruits without adding sugar? I’m so afraid of canning things for fear I’ll get food poisoning, but I’d really love to try it at the same time. Anyways a delight to read.:)

    • Jane says

      You could use honey instead (rule of thumb is 1/4 of sugar measurement of honey) but you really need that sugar as part of the preservative. Just sterilize everything with lots of boiling water and then boil the jars when full for 13 minutes. You’ll get addicted.

  2. says

    OMG! I ADORE the blog redesign. Not only is it in and of itself amazing but it has somehow transformed your pictures and made them more beautiful (how did it do that???). I really really love it. So so so much! (I’m in the middle of a blog redo and am beyond nervous. I hope it turns out a quarter as good as yours. I’d then be happy for sure).

    O.K., and then the marmalade. Beautiful! Where were you when we lived in our old house and had a freaking tree full of grapefruits and nothing to do with them? But I am afraid of canning. You made it seem easy. Is it really that easy? Must try it soon. Maybe when you’re in FL you should come to my place and give me a lesson. I’d supply the wine. And the grapefruits.

    • Jane says

      I’m SO glad you like it. I’ve been desperately working on my photos and hopefully have turned a corner with them now. Gwen from “Bold Abode” is a marvel! FRUIT trees. My dream. I’ve got some apple and pear trees that I’ve been babying along and each year say ‘this is the year’. Happy to do some canning with you in Florida. Makes you feel like Ma on ‘Little House on The Prairies’. C:

  3. says

    Okay this is the perfect thing for all of the citrus we have around these parts! We have a grapefruit tree in our backyard, for heavens sake! And I *love* that this is something that will keep for a while if you actually can it!!!


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