Monday Night Cure: Corn and Bacon Chowder

Last week I highlighted a Minestrone Soup that snuck in a lot of vegetables and this week I’ve got a yummy soup that is made out of pantry items and can be on the table in 15 minutes. 

On a Monday night, 15 minutes is usually all I want to invest in a yummy dinner.

Small one is addicted to soup and even on days that she fussy or not an eating machine I can guarantee that she will still be happy with soup.

She is also always happy with the side dish that I’ll show you below.

I started with 3 pieces of bacon and a small leek chopped (a small onion would be just as nice).

February 005

 Add in 1 can of corn (8 oz), 2 cans (8 oz each) of creamed corn, 1/2 tsp oregano, 1 cup milk, pepper to taste  and 1 T. chicken concentrate (either a stock cube or the liquid concentrate is perfect for this).

February 007

 Simmer for 5 minutes until all the ingrients are melded together and…

February 010

 serve with a bacon bunny (melted cheese and bacon on toast).  My mom made us bacon bunnies at least once a week growing up and although I tart it up with good cheddar and homemade bread I still sometimes have a hankering for Kraft slices and Wonder Bread.  Funny what your taste buds yearn for.

February 030 newsignature

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  1. Hmmmm looks good! My 7 year old requests chowder ALL THE TIME, and I make it for him once a week too (seafood kind). I’m going to try your recipe next time – thanks!!

  2. Oh, this looks absolutely delicious. I love corn chowder.

  3. I grew up eating “cheese toast” and it’s still a favorite comfort food. LOVE the addition of the bacon…and calling it a “bacon bunny”! Thanks for the great chowder recipe, too. :)

    • So glad that you like the looks of it. Cheese Toast is always welcome in our house (well, especially with bacon). I don’t know where the ‘bunny’ part came from but that’s what mom always called them so I just can’t argue then can I? C:


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