Saturday Night Cookies: Chocolate Blueberry

Saturday nights are different in our house since small one came along.

We used to have a party, dinner, restaurant etc to go to each week.  

We had some VERY late nights and some VERY good times.

The good times continue but they have changed.

They are slower, home oriented and usually don’t involve paying a babysitter.

Saturday nights often mean a movie, a couple of friends and always a treat.

The treat is often cookies and small one and I usually make them in the afternoon together after I’ve repeatedly failed to convince her that a nap is a super awesome idea.

This is a recent variation and I thought I’d post it on Thursday so that you can grab the ingredients early and make your Saturday night extra special.

I’ve got some gorgeous walnuts, dark chocolate chips and the special ingredient…chocolate covered blueberries.


This recipe is heavy on brown sugar so the cookies toast up especially tasty and brown.

I might not pick milk as my libation of choice on Saturday but the dark chocolate goes really well with a good glass (or 2) of red wine.


[yumprint-recipe id=’43’]
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  1. says

    I still like milk and cookies! ;P These look great. We might go blueberry picking this weekend if the weather cooperates!

    These are so pretty! I posted a cookie (recipe) this morning on my blog!

  2. Nancy Propheter says

    Where do you find choc covered blueberries? These sound awesome. I am sooooo going to try them.

    • Jane says

      I’ve seen them a few different places and usually under the brand name Brookfield Farm. We get them at Shopper’s Drugmart but when I was in the US I saw them in Target too. Hope this helps and that you enjoy the cookies C:

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