Flavours Of Summer Virtual Picnic: Mango Rhubarb Chutney



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This has been a total treat to prepare for and a great excuse to try out a few recipes that I’ve been dying to try out.

I had a tonne of rhubarb and I’ve made chutney with it in the past.  

Chutney is a sort of relish that is yummy and faintly exotic.  To a girl growing up in suburban Toronto in the ’70’s, mango will forever fall into this category.

I also decided to add in a bit more sweet by using a few peaches in the mix too.

Don’t be afraid of canning.  As long as you have highly acidic foods and sterilize everything you are good to go.

If you’re a bit worried about the process grab a book (or booklet) made by the jar companies (bell, mason, bernardin to name just a few) and they will have step by step.

I’ve been helping my mom and grandmother make jams and jellies since I was a little so I like to play on combinations now.

Chutney is great with eggs, cheese, breads…you’ll see at the end of this post our favourite pairing AND I’ve got the recipe for that treat coming up on Friday.


I always think of Shakespeare’s three witches when I have a big pot bubbling away.

Do yourself a favour and buy what is known as a canning kit. They are sold everywhere and come with a nifty magnet to take out scalding hot lids without contaminating them, a wide siphon, a special clamp that is handy for taking jars in and out of boiling water…basically it is a kit that helps you avoid burning yourself while canning.


After filling your jars (only up to the top and not into the neck of the jar), place them in a pot of boiling water with either balled-up aluminum foil or a heat proof trivet on the bottom.  This will avoid your jars rattling and getting broken while being processed.  You do this for 11 minutes (I don’t know why 11, like I was going to argue with my mom and gran?).  When you take the jars out you’ll have the most satisfying popping sound happen as the lids seal tightly.


Pop by on Friday and see the treatie that we love pairing chutney with.




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