A side dish or a great appetizer: Chilli Garlic Tatertots

This dish started off as a side dish on a Tuesday night where I was just out of steam and inspiration.

However, a bit of time playing with a few vegetables and we were all happy campers.

I’m actually really excited to use this as an appetizer at our next party.  Breaded, spicy (or not depending on your tastes) and deepfried. 

Chilli Garlic Tatertots

That would be a happy party with a nice beverage or two.

I also put to work a gadget that I rarely pull out and have had shoved in a drawer for quite sometime-my potato ricer.

It makes really light and fluffy mash but I rarely remember to bring it out.

If you don’t have on-don’t go and buy one.  Just mash your 6 medium (boiled) potatoes until smooth.

Fold in 2 eggs, 3 T garlic chilli sauce, salt to taste and 1 cup flour and you’re off to the races.



I thought that this recipe was likely to require freezing or at the least chilling before coating them in panko crumbs but actually, just scrape them into inch pieces either with a spoon or knife and drop them in the crumbs.  

350 degree oil for deepfrying  until just browned and you’ve a fabulous treat that freezes very well.  Not that my first batch even made it that

 far but the second and third time I was able to set a few aside. chillitat2 For an appetizer these are amazing with sweet chilli sauce to dip them into and served on parchment paper.


As a side they make even the most mundane baked chicken something to be celebrated.





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    • Jane says

      Hope it went really well at the cook-off. I’ve made these a few times since and just can’t get over how yummy they are. Now I want them in every flavour.

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