#SundaySupper: Super Eats For Game Day

Oh, game day!

I’m excited about today.  MY team is actually in the superbowl.  This is not an everyday occurrence for a Seahawks fan.

Extra special treats are needed and #SundaySupper let me have a great excuse to play with a really decadent treat.

Friday I shared Mac and Cheese done in the slowcooker.


That recipe makes A LOT of Mac and Cheese.  

Don’t get me wrong-it’s lovely reheated but what about wrapped in pastry and crisped-up?

Mac and Cheese Springrolls, so yummy and so easy since you don’t have to deep fry anything.  

Want to make them way ahead?  Just pop them assembled but not cooked into the freezer and they can be a special treat for you anytime you’d like.

Strictly speaking-these aren’t springrolls.  

To make proper springrolls you need to have a specific wrap and traditionally they are deepfried.  I wanted a treat that used what I easily could find at my local grocery store and I didn’t want to fuss with lots of oil. 

Start with a sheet of phyllo dough and brush with oil (I used a nice olive oil-I find they crisp better using oil than butter) and then repeat with another sheet.  In all, I measured that I used 2 tsp of oil/sheet of phyllo. slowcookermac2


Slice your phyllo down the centre and then in half.  For every two sheets of phyllo, you’ll be able to make 4 springrolls.  Add 1/3 cup mac and cheese to the middle of one end, fold the sides in and roll.  Give the top a little brush of oil (1/4 tsp in all) and at this point you can easily freeze the rolls and have them at a later date.

But for game day… 

Place on a silicone or parchment lined cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees. macspringroll3


Serve with spicy sriracha or ketchup to dip and enjoy piping hot or or room temperature.





Here’s a sneak peek at all the Game Day deliciousness we have coming your way this Sunday!

Game Day Appetizers:

Game Day Entrees:

Game Day Desserts:


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    • Jane says

      And next time I think I’ll sneak in a few veg too. Thanks so much for being an awesome host this week. You rock!

    • Jane says

      They did it! There isn’t a recipe card for this one. I figured that having the recipe on Friday that we’d just enjoy pretty pictures and an easy fix for once C:

  1. says

    Get out! What a great idea. Except I’d eat too many of these. Thanks for sharing this and great choice for #SS. one other thing – my team happens to be playing today too. 😉 Go Broncos.

    • Jane says

      Doll, I feel your pain. My husband is a diehard Lions fan and he still starts every season thinking ‘this is the year’. The spring rolls will help console.

  2. says

    You are kidding me with this! I was just telling Tara Noland that I love her recipe because I thawed a bunch of phyllo this weekend to make a strudel, but thawed WAY too much so now I need recipes for it. Now…I just need some mac and cheese. This is blowing my mind.


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