#SomethingDifferent: Vanilla Salt and Strawberries

I almost think that I should apologize for this ‘recipe’.  

You see, it’s almost no effort for something that anyone that you serve it to will give a little gasp.

I’ve loved vanilla sugar for years but i have been playing way more with sweet and salty combinations lately and wanted to give Vanilla Salt a go.

I got some really good fleur de sel (a cup of the really, yummy grey stuff), a pretty jar and 2 vanila pods.

What else?  Put the lid on and let sit for at least a week.

That’s it.



Grab the ripest, plumpest strawberries that you can and a pretty board to spill some of your flavoured salt onto.

Bring into the dining room with a healthy bottle of port and be ready for folks to be in love.



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  1. Darn, I wish I hadn’t put the rest of our strawberries in the mixed berry cobbler I just baked! This sounds very different….and something I must try!

  2. sounds great, I really want to try it. how much salt is used? Thanks!

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