#CelebratingEggs: Chocolate Banana Cream Pie


 This is my husband’s very favourite dessert.   I started off with a very light recipe (before I even met him) from ‘Cooking Light’ magazine and over the years I’ve made it into a decadent treat that really should only make an appearance a couple of times a year. Now, I’m going to warn you. […]

#CelebratingEggs: Lemon Almond Sandwich Cookies


If you ask my family they will tell you that they really don’t like macarons.  They don’t like the texture and the fillings…blah, blah.  I love them.  So delicate, so beautiful and sort of the holy grail of baking. So, how do I convince my family to give them a go?  I make them BIG […]

Celebrating Eggs: Saffron Orange Tapioca Pudding


Don’t you love when you have a childhood favourite that when you make it years later it isn’t just as good but even better? I’ve rediscovered tapioca pudding.  Like most of my best food memories-really yummy tapioca was always mad by my Grandmother.  this was a fall back dessert of hers that she’d make ‘just […]

#MondayMuffin: Lime and Coconut


 Happy Easter Monday.  I’m off today and hopefully the weather will let me hang-out with small one in the garden.  We don’t actually plant anything in my area until the May 24th weekend but just cleaning things up would be a dream. Right now we have dead everything and I worry about my wee shoots […]

#SundaySupper: Easter and Passover Feasts


  Hope your Easter Sunday is a beautiful one, we’ve been aching for a day where the sun shines brightly and the snow finally stops coming. Our host is the wonderful Alaiyo who blogs at The Pescetarian Journal. There are tonnes of fabulous treats to visit and try out and if you are like me […]

#HappinessPost 65: From Scratch Ingredients


   Happy almost Easter, can you hear the Easter Bunny gearing-up? I’m woefully behind this year but I have managed to do some lovely baking for tomorrow and Sunday Supper.  I had a particular idea in mind when I came up with the recipe but was needing one ingredient.   I needed candy peel.  Do […]

Friday Night Treat: S’more Crostini


Ahh, Friday. That’s actually quickly becoming my tag line here.  The happiness of a weekend.   Actually, today I’m off for Good Friday and starting the weekend a wee bit early which somehow makes this treat even sweeter. First though-you’ve got to enter to win my Cloverleaf giveaway AND the giveaway for Cooking Light’s Global […]

#BundtBakers: Easter Bunny Bundt


#BundtBakers is a group of Bundt loving bakers who get together once a month to bake Bundts with a common ingredient or theme.  You can see all our of lovely Bundts by following our Pinterest board right here.    I’m already getting next month’s ready to go and this is one of the times that […]

Park Dinner: Scallop Tortillas


On Saturday I made tasty huevos and tortillas out of masa but my first foray into masa was in fact in a park.  A bright, sunny park that I’ll also share the dessert with you on Friday. Oh! Speaking of the past couple days- have you entered yesterday’s Cloverleaf giveaway or Saturday’s book treat? These […]

Clover Leaf Saves The Day: Everyday Temaki


By now, if you’re kind enough to visit me over in blog land often you know that I love food. Obviously, why else would I become one of those annoying people that takes pictures of their food? What you may not know though is that I have a terrible allergy to shellfish (the good stuff […]

#SecretRecipeClub Reveal: An Affair From The Heart


  Happy, happy Reveal Day! So nice to hang out with this fab crowd once again and have a month to get to know another blogger.  Bloggers are such a lovely group of folks.  The type of people that you are happy to hang out with and visit each day.   And do you know […]

#SundaySupper: Eggy Rice Wraps


Happy Sunday and very happy #SundaySupper, are you ready to stuff, roll and wrap? Amy from Kimchimom is our lovely host today and from the previews that I’ve seen-wow!  We are all in for some spectacular treats. I was really excited about this because I have been trying to make lunch for myself.   It […]