Reviews and Borrowing



profile pic 2013

I like to try new things, read new things, learn something new-who doesn’t?
Want an unbiased review?
Drop me a line and (as long as everything is cool) I will happily review your product, site etc. on my blog:
I’m always honest but promise to be nice about it.
But honest.
Want to borrow?

I’m not kidding myself…my photos, writing etc are all a work-in-progress but I’ll take responsibility over the good, the bad and the ugly (really ugly-have you seen some of my early posts?).

I’m still very much a novice photography but slowly learning thanks to my friend Michelle Barbeau (check out her amazing photography on my blogroll).

Feel free to borrow content as long as you link back to me and if you are lucky enough to make a kajillion dollars out of it-I’d like a chunk.

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