A walk on the wilder side: Slowcooker Goat Curry


Each week when I grocery shop I like to make sure that I pick up at least once ingredient that is different.  Something that I don’t usually use and even better-something that I’ve never used before. The other day I was having a wander looking for inspiration and found-goat meat in the freezer section.  It […]

Celebrating Noodles: Curry Meatballs and Veg Noodles


  Happy Thursday and I’ve the fourth of SIX noodle dish for you today.  Strictly speaking these aren’t noodles.  I got to play with my new favourite toy which is a vegetable strimmer.  Pop your veg in, turn the crank and you’ve got really fun spirals.  Small one is enthralled with it and everytime we […]

#SundaySupper: Valentine’s Recipe For Two


Oh, #SundaySupper. You make me happy every week. A new treat challenge and an excuse to try something totally new. Have you met the creator?  Isabel over at ‘Family Foodie’ is the powerhouse.  She reminds me of a dirvish. This week’s hostess is Susan from ‘Little Red Kitchen’ and is just a total love. Which […]

Celebrating Soup: Roasted Curry Cauliflower


  One of the reasons why I love soup is that it’s a great way to use leftovers.   Vegetables needing a home, meat that you’d like to stretch…soup has been used for a millenium to make a little into a lot and to use what you have in the house. The other day we […]

Slowcooker Beef Curry


It’s the night before ‘the big show’ and we’ve got our stockings hung, presents are wrapped, small one is bouncing off the ceiling and I’m almost cooked out.  My slowcooker is coming to the rescue tonight to give us (and more than a few drop-in guests) a totally different treat for Christmas Eve. It’s Beef […]

Clean Fridge Soup


I love a good bowl of soup. I usually make a different one on Sundays and we take it for lunches and my FIL has it for his lunch during the day too. Something warm and filling that requires very little effort to put together and saves me a bunch of cash. I’ve really been […]

Tuesday Night Quickie Dinner: Eggplant Curry


It’s Tuesday! Yep, my old nemesis has returned and I am tired. Small one had a bad dream last night and needed to come and be with mommy which means I had about about 1 1/2 hours of sleep without a toddler elbow or foot gouging into me. I’ve nothing out of the freezer for […]

#SundaySupper: Tailgating


Tailgating, a phenom that we don’t see much in Canada, alas. Eating super, yummy food in a stadium parking lot in readiness of watching your favourite team become victorious. Tailgating in Canada is more an at home activity with everyone camped in front of the television-again hoping for a win but without having to brave […]

#MondayMuffins: Curry Chicken


  Good morning and happy Labour Day.   Tomorrow it’s back to packed lunches and hurried breakfasts. Muffins are the perfect thing for both and as I’m trying to get as much protein into my diet as possible I think these are super fun muffins:  Curry Chicken. What! What, you say? This woman has gone […]

Curry BBQ Treat: Spiedini and Curried Noodles


Tired of bbq yet? I thought I was but then it turned super warm again and a bit of protein with pretty salad is all that I’ve had and then it got really warm again.   The last few days all we’ve wanted to have is a nice piece of something on the bbq and […]

Since I’m a Mom now…


So when you become a mom there’s things that you’re not supposed to do.  Here’s just a few: 1) be afraid of the dark 2) forget to brush teeth 3) be freaked out by spiders 4)  and have a vegetable that you despise. I’m doing pretty well with the first three but I truly dislike […]

Friday Night Treat: What goes well with chutney?


Remember Tuesday?   Did you like the chutney?  I think we have about 1/2 a jar left right now because we’ve gotten addicted to these little goodies. I love onion bhaji and whenever we go to an Indian restaurant I hate to admit it but I tend to monopolize these treaties. A cross between an […]