Celebrating Soup: Coconut Squash


  Ready for another really delicious but super simple soup?  (I love alliteration) This is the kind of soup that makes people think that you’ve been slaving for hours, carefully monitoring the pot-tweaking tastes.  In fact, the longest bit is to bake your squash and that can be done a day or even two beforehand. […]

Slowcooker Beef Curry


It’s the night before ‘the big show’ and we’ve got our stockings hung, presents are wrapped, small one is bouncing off the ceiling and I’m almost cooked out.  My slowcooker is coming to the rescue tonight to give us (and more than a few drop-in guests) a totally different treat for Christmas Eve. It’s Beef […]

#SundaySupper: Squashin’ Winter


  We’re all about squash today with Sunday Supper and we’ve been loving it. This dish got served warm and then taken for lunch cold.   So delicious. I learned a trick a few years ago of roasting squash with it’s skin on after tossing it in a tiny bit of oil.   By doing […]

Friday Night Treat: Chicken Pot Pie Crescents

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Happy Friday! This is one of those recipes that I’m almost embarrassed to call a recipe.   I had leftovers from a baked chicken dinner and wanted chicken pot pie.   However, I was also super tired so I wanted a dish that was ready in 5 minutes or less. When DH walked in he […]


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It’s funny how some foods just ache of comfort. They wrap you in happiness and lull you into a nap. Pasta is my go-to comfort meal and especially gnocchi. Little pillows, fried in butter and dressed with just a little bit of sauce. Bliss. I usually make mine with potato but I have┬áseveral squash on […]

How could you not be inspired?

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So, yesterday I showed you some yummy, yummy bread. And although I’m willing to give it a try ‘woman can not live by bread alone’. How about a nice bowl of soup? How about a soup that uses all the flavours of fall AND an ancient grain? I took a little peruse in my pantry […]

Harvest Soup Time

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Want and easy soup? I love this meal. It’s super quick, gets all possible vegetables in the pot and only takes three steps. Hello Saturday lunch C: I took; 3 parsnips, 2 apples, 1 pear and one small squash (this was a little butternut one). I didn’t even peel anything but instead just dumped it […]