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Hi there, I’m Jane

I love food.

I love to cook.

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I trained as a chef.

Actually, I worked as a chef a bunch of places and then I got asked to teach a cooking class.

I realized I loved teaching too.

I loved it so much I went back to school and became a teacher.

But I still loved cooking.

I still needed to make new recipes and try as much new ‘stuff’ as possible.

So I fed everyone I came in contact with and threw a lot of fun parties.

I like to have a great time and I’m more than a bit of a goof.

My husband still calls me ‘the food pusher’. 

I had a surprise, wee girl at almost 40 and began writing my blog to try and capture all those amazing moments.

I got a really fun camera and became more than addicted to learning how to use it properly.

I live in my 1950′s ever-morphing house with my doodlebug, DH and my FIL.

I’ve an awesome sister and mom and adorable friends.

I’m lucky (often tired), but mostly lucky.

It’s all part of the adventures.

Glad you’re on them with me.

There’s fun times ahead.



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